The single-origins

Coffee-lovers no longer just make do with what their local bar sells. They want the kind of coffee that suits them best.

Increasing numbers of consumers look for different flavours depending on time of day, pairings and personal tastes. The choice of coffee is now a sophisticated, refined affair.

Every coffee brings its own particular aroma, an echo of the history of its homeland. Dersut decided to satisfy its most demanding customers by selecting the finest single-origins.

Monorigini caffè

Selected carefully from all over the world, they come from single plantations that retain their well-defined, inimitable characteristics over time, allowing production of unique, instantly recognisable roasted coffees, just right for true connoisseurs.


Bitterness, acidity and sweetness blend together in this seductive coffee from Ethiopia, with its jasmine and citrus notes.


A perfect after-lunch Brazilian coffee with a smooth, full aroma, leaving a chocolatey aftertaste.


The low caffeine content of this Arabica works well in the evenings too; it has a delicate, lightly spicy aroma.