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ABC Dersut: The Accademy

Professional training courses and certifications for all coffee enthusiasts

Dersut created ABC Dersut, Dersut Coffee Barista Academy, the training centre created with the aim of disseminating the excellence of the Italian Espresso. Since quality cannot ignore training, the Academy's aim is to encourage the birth of an actual "coffee culture" among operators in the sector so as to transmit in-depth knowledge on the Italian Espresso to baristas and shopkeepers.

The Dersut trainers

The trainers Dersut uses for its courses hold the Coffee Tasters license (IEI) and are also EUROISA Sensory Judges.

All you have to do is simply browse our list of Coffee Shop Courses and choose the one that best suits your needs

Dersut offers specific courses for each level of training: you can choose among Basic Courses, Advanced Courses, Consultancy and Certifications, or find out how to become a Dersut Coffee Ambassador!

Looking for a certificate that testifies your passion for coffee? Become a Dersut Coffee Ambassador!


The Dersut Coffee Ambassador is a person who has fully completed the entire Dersut training course, and as a result has complete knowledge of the coffee shop.

Our instructors are a guarantee for your training needs. They provide fundamental support, that Dersut offers for the start-up and opening of your business, including continuous and long-lasting training.

Daniele Bitto

After numerous years of experience at the bar counter, he arrived in Dersut in 2005 where he found his mission in coffee; here he launched a chain of coffee shops and completed his training by embracing the SCA and IEI world. He is the promoter of the Caffè Dersut Barista Academy with the aim of disseminating the culture of good coffee.


The young soul of the Caffè Dersut Barista Academy is constantly looking for new trends! Moved right from the start by his passion for being behind the counter, he found in coffee the enthusiasm that drives him every day to spread his love for this beverage, which is kept alive thanks to continuous updating and training.