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Environmental sustainability, as well as social and economic sustainability, are increasingly central issues, which also impact working life.

Dersut is attentive to its environmental and social footprint and is dedicated to developing good practices to protect our planet.

Qualiy and environment

Qualiy and environment

As far as Dersut is concerned, a quality product can only be appreciated in a harmonious and nature-friendly context.

Environmental sustainability

The ability to combine technological knowledge and environmental sensitivity has given Dersut great visibility and appreciation in the sustainability sector. The most decisive action is certainly the use of a methane heat generator, smoke burners and a cyclone, through which the dispersion of the roasted coffee particles into the atmosphere is avoided.

On the front line

Dersut was one of the first roasters in Italy to choose technologies that minimize the impact of its activity on the environment.

The value chain


The value chain


The value chain


The value chain


The value chain


The 5 dersut objectives for sustainability

Clean and accessible energy

Encouraging the use of renewable energy and promoting energy efficiency.

The 5 dersut objectives for sustainability

Decent work and economic growth

Ensuring decent work, a healthy and safe working environment while guaranteeing the professional growth of all workers.

The 5 dersut objectives for sustainability

Responsible consumption and production

Guaranteeing efficiency in the use of resources, through the prevention, reduction, recycling and re-use mainly of waste according to the principles of a circular economy.

The 5 dersut objectives for sustainability

Fight against climate change

Raising awareness and promoting good practices to combat climate change such as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the use of renewable energy sources.

The 5 dersut objectives for sustainability

Life on earth

Protecting, restoring and promoting sustainable use of the Earth's ecosystem, stopping and reversing land degradation and stopping the loss of biological diversity.

The social impact

Corporate social responsibility means seeking development that is attentive to the needs of the environment and the community, supporting associations dedicated to these areas, in order to improve the quality of life for everyone.

The Dersut Projects

The path of responsibility undertaken brings new stimuli every day to improve work behaviour and Dersut is proud of all the collaborations and initiatives that it has managed to complete and of those on which it is working on with great dedication.

“Prevention is life” Project

In collaboration with WelfareCare, Dersut Caffè supports this project created to promote the prevention of breast cancer for women between 35 and 49 years of age, a group particularly at risk and not covered by the mammographic screening offered by the National Health Service.

Coffee packages become butt holders

The aluminium containers used to preserve the Dersut coffee beans are then processed in Debora Basei's Ricrearti laboratories and shared with the Piccola Comunità Onlus of Conegliano and the Associazione il Pesco of Mogliano, who create environmentally friendly cigarette butt holders.


Participation in the 'Too good to go' platform program continues, which allows the distribution of unsold, but still intact and good products, in order to combat food waste, and which has allowed Dersut Caffè, and participating coffee shops , to deliver the boxes of mixed products to those who have booked to collect them.

Discover the project

Service Vending

In 2021 we installed columns for the supply of room temperature and fresh water, connected directly to the water network thanks to the collaboration with Service Vending.


The environmental, social, and economic policies undertaken by Dersut from a sustainability perspective, narrated through annual reports.